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Felix Miata mrmazda at
Sun Aug 7 21:01:46 BST 2011

What package is supposed to provide a home for this? Apparently Mandriva's 
4.6.5 doesn't include it as a dep of anything necessary to reach a KDE 
desktop. Startx gets me a KDE desktop, but most icons are missing, including 
the default app starter icon. There's a white X on a red background at the 
left end of the panel, and to its right are 5 empties, then tools. RMB on the 
X produces no response. LMB on it produces a list of 3 items: AROSA starter 
settings, Panel options & Remove this AROSA starter.

Similar question for systemsettings. It opens, but none of its selections open.

Kcmshell4 can't find some basic modules either. Grepping for locale in --list 
output produces nothing.

Which package should provide the panel?
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