How to make users use simplelauncher by default?

Franklin Weng franklin at
Sun Aug 7 14:12:34 BST 2011


We're making a customized Linux distributions.  I'd like to make users to
use simple launcher instead of kickoff by default, and show the system menu.
 So I customized some and copied my plasma-desktop-appletsrc to

It works.  A new user without .kde or .kde4 folder created will use the
default settings.   Only one big question.  This file set the panel geometry
to 1024x768 (since I customized it in a vm) and a real user environment is
1440x900, which makes his default panel shorter than his screen.

I tried to remove the geometry settings in the containments[1] but in vain.

Would anyone please give me some hints that, how could I make my users use
simplelauncher by default, without copying .kde to /etc/skel since my .kde
may not be suitable for everyone's actual environment?  I'd like to let
users create a default panel suitable for their own environment.  Only to
let them use simplelauncher and shows system menu instead of merged menu.

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