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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon Apr 25 23:17:07 BST 2011

gene heskett posted on Mon, 25 Apr 2011 11:19:12 -0400 as excerpted:

> Funnily, I don't recall the last time I actually used krunner, if that
> is what its called.  I keep plenty of terminal shells open. krunner
> hides errors, a shell doesn't...

FWIW, I use both, with hotkeys to launch whichever I want.

If you haven't used krunner in awhile, consider trying it for a few 
things.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

For instance, need the result of some simple math?  Type it into krunner 
like so (here I'm converting the day's forcasted high from Celsius, which 
I'm trying to get familiar with and thus have the weather applet 
configured to display, to Fahrenheit).


krunner gives me the result, 89.6F. No need to open a real calculator. =:^)

(Of course, doing it in my head, I'd simply double the 32 to 64, move a 
decimal, 6.4, and subtract, giving me the 1.8 multiplier, 64-6.4=57.6, 
then add the 32 zero-point adjust, 57.6+32=59.6+30=89.6.  I don't need a 
calculator for that, but it illustrates the point.)

Or... how long should a 4.2 GB DVD image take to download at my new rated 
download speed of 15Mbps, compared to 12Mbps?

4.2 GB (2^10) * 8bit/Mb (10^3)/s /15 (multiplier)

Just over 40 minutes @ 15 Mbit/sec

... change the 15 to 12...

Just over 50 minutes @ 12 Mbit/sec

Accounting for overhead, figure 45-50 minutes vs an hour.

Krunner looks for that terminating equals and throws up a result when it 
sees it and the stuff before it looks like a math expression. =:^)

Then there's the example I first used.  If you type a dotted address that 
looks like either an IP address or domain into krunner, it'll give you the 
choice of opening it in whatever the kde-default browser is (konqueror, 

But, it also searches konqueror's bookmarks and offers any that match as 
additional choices.

Then there's the web shortcuts.  A number of them (like gg:search term, 
for google) are on by default.  So you can enter gg: and a search term 
directly in krunner, and it'll give you the choice of opening a google 
search for that term in, again, the kde configured browser.

It's possible to setup your own shortcuts.  By default, ggl: sends you to 
the google's I'm feeling lucky top-hit page, but I never use that, while I 
*DO* often use google's dedicated Linux search at google.com/linux, so I 
changed the default ggl: entry to be a google/linux search here.  By 
default there's entries for the kde bug database (tho I'm not sure they're 
actually active by default).  I have those, but I use custom entries for 
the Gentoo bug database more.  There's a wikipedia shortcut (wp:) 
available by default.  Etc.

Web shortcuts can be used in either the konqueror address bar or in 
krunner.  They're configured in konqueror's config dialog, web shortcuts 
config applet.

If you have the semantic desktop active, and the krunner applet that uses 
it (both of which I have turned off, here), typing parts of an email 
subject will let you open it.

Typing a path, for instance /usr/share, gives you the option to open it in 
kde's configured default file manager (dolphin by default, but it can be 
konqueror or gwenview or...).

So yeah, I use krunner reasonably frequently, especially for stuff that I 
don't need the STDOUT/STDERR from.  But I use konsole a lot as well.  For 
file management and text editing with my sysadmin hat on, I actually 
prefer mc, opened either in konsole or at a CLI login outside of X, to a 
graphical file manager or text editor like konqueror/dolphin or kwrite.  
Being a Gentooer, I do all my package management, building, etc, at the 
CLI, again, either in a konsole window or at a CLI login outside X.  Etc.  

So I use both krunner and konsole, for different things. =:^)

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