Kontact/KMail error messages ... where?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Apr 21 06:19:49 BST 2011

Hans Muecke posted on Wed, 20 Apr 2011 12:24:16 -0500 as excerpted:

> Where does Kontact/KMail store error messages? I looked into the usual
> suspects, but couldn't find anything there ...
> Reason I am asking ... occaisionally when starting Kontact/KMail I get
> an error saying 'Unable to read file: Invalid answer from server "837   
> " ' (the stuff between "" varies). Since during startup several mail
> servers (pop3 and imap) are contacted and the error doesn't tell me
> anything about which server is causing this I( am left in the dark ...
> so any ideas on this? Thanks!

General rule of thumb for such queries:  Always list the version of 
whatever it is you're asking about, as the answer can be very much version 

However, assuming you're using a fairly new kde and kmail (I don't use 
kontact so won't attempt an answer for it, only kmail), kde 4.4 thru 
current 4.6.3, but NOT the testing kdepim version (aka kmail2), the 
following should apply.  It might for earlier kde4 as well, but I don't 
remember for sure.

kmail settings menu, configure notifications dialog, error while checking 
mail entry.  You can set what it does there, including log to a file, and 
tell it where to place that file.

(The same setting is very likely available in kcontrol, known in kde4 as 
systemsettings altho the kde3 name kcontrol is more accurate, because it 
/is/ the kde method for controlling mostly user and kde specific 
settings.  Even when it's system-global settings, as setting the time/
date, it's the kde app for doing so, not the generic systemsettings 
method, the command line interface date command, for that.  Anyway, 
there's a notifications settings kcontrol applet that likely lists it too, 
so you can set all notifications in the same place, but for just setting 
kmail logs, the kmail notifications setting is probably best.)

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