Kontact/KMail error messages ... where?

Hans Muecke kde at filderstadtweather.eu
Sat Apr 23 12:31:15 BST 2011

Am Donnerstag, 21. April 2011, um 00:19:49 schrieb Duncan:

Hi Duncan,

> General rule of thumb for such queries:  Always list the version of
> whatever it is you're asking about, as the answer can be very much version
> dependent!

Sorry ... KDE4.4.5 on Ubuntu 10.10LTS ... :-)

> kmail settings menu, configure notifications dialog, error while checking
> mail entry.  You can set what it does there, including log to a file, and
> tell it where to place that file.

Thanks for that hint ... will see, what is logged there and when (since the 
error only comes up occaisionally)

Talk to you later ... Hans (141 to go)
2011/04/23 10:50
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