Kontact/KMail error messages ... where?

Hans Muecke kde at filderstadtweather.eu
Wed Apr 20 18:24:16 BST 2011

Howdy list,

Where does Kontact/KMail store error messages? I looked into the usual 
suspects, but couldn't find anything there ... 

Reason I am asking ... occaisionally when starting Kontact/KMail I get an 
error saying 'Unable to read file: Invalid answer from server "837    " ' (the 
stuff between "" varies). Since during startup several mail servers (pop3 and 
imap) are contacted and the error doesn't tell me anything about which server 
is causing this I( am left in the dark ... so any ideas on this? Thanks!

Talk to you later ... Hans (142 to go)
2011/04/20 16:50
EDDS 201650Z 06005KT CAVOK 22/02 Q1014 NOSIG
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