KDE Quality (problems) and my problems

John Longer ajohnlonger at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Apr 18 11:06:03 BST 2011

I should add in respect to data imports that Konqueror did import
 all of my bookmark. I had arranged for them to be in firefox
html format. Where things went wrong was when I re created my
bookmark toolbar folders and tried to drag the actual bookmarks
into them. It crashed. First attempt was about 50 odd bookmarks.
I tried less and there was some evidence that it will work with a few
at a time. I haven't reported it as a bug yet as I need to go back and
look again. I had the impression that it was loosing bookmarks from
the source list each time I dragged some across. Also still crashed
from time to time. It's a matter of my time really. I have had a lot
of problems sorting graphics out thanks to suse. 11.4 has lost sax
the thing that does that sort of thing from yast. The initial install picked
up my previous settings and promptly lots them after the 1st reboot.
I've noticed other drag anomalies as well. For instance one drag copy
produced a link. I deleted the file and the link went as well without
warning me. No specific info on how or where as I was just playing
about. Again odd as doesn't the base file system work with links
anyway? It sure does move stuff rapidly if it doesn't.

On konqueror largely for information a number of windoze users have
been impressed with the brows anything including photo's with an
excellent preview facility all at the click of one button. Web safety can
be taken care of with the view profiles.

This touches on one aspect of KDE4 that I'm not too keen on. I'm a
design engineer. One of the important aspects of that is not bringing out
items what ever they are which we tend to call "me toos". IE Offering
something that is the same as every one else’s. Sometimes there is no
other option but that never ever applies to software. Unfortunately I 
have written rather a lot of that and fixed even more. ;-) Not pc
unfortunately. I just wouldn't be happy in that environment.

On the same score I can remember mentioning a standard for completely
configurable menu's on here prior to 4 to which Kevin stated "no we are
not doing that". Fine but this would have allowed desktops to be wired up
for specific uses and specific types of people. The standard was rather 
trivial really but could have included options on just how they are displayed
and handled as well. Only mentioned because Anne earlier quoted the KDE
is not a group of people. True but there are influences.

Kevin pointed out earlier that some distro's renamed directories early in
4's career.  Also true but some distro's need the software to work so in
one instance at least they offered the ability to go to a console, type
something and revert immediately to a 3.x. What else would one expect
them to do? Some of them try to provide credible desktops.


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John Longer posted on Sun, 17 Apr 2011 19:28:59 +0100 as excerpted:

> I'm going to miss konqueror as a file manager. I like it's ability to
> use it to brows all. Photo’s too but notice that it's retained most of
> it's other facilities. I really am glad to see that.

FWIW, you can still use konqueror as a file manager, tho what it does is 
actually use the dolphin kpart, but it's still konqueror's general UI and 
layout as opposed to dolphin.  You can even use gwenview as your 
filemanager, if you choose, tho the only people I can imagine actually 
finding that practical are those who don't care about anything besides 
media-files (no text or document files of other types), as gwenview 
doesn't seem to show non-media files at all.  And FWIW, I /believe/ for 
those who have it installed, krusader remains a filemanager option as 
well, tho I can't actually verify that one as I don't have krusader 
installed.  Plus, there's the usual "Other" option, which lets you choose 
another app that's not listed, if desired.

So where is this set?  Glad you asked. =:^)

kcontrol[1][2], workspace appearance and behavior, default applications, 
is the applet.  On the left you'll see a list of application roles, email 
client, text editor, file manager, etc.  Choose file manager and make your 
choice between those above as you like. =:^)


[1]  Usual note that goes along with mentions of this utility in my posts: 
kcontrol's the reasonably accurate kde3 name, because it's mostly user 
specific kde control options being set, and even when not, it's kde's 
control as opposed to say gnome's or the generic setup, for others.  But 
for whatever reason, the kde folks decided to rename it to the imposssibly 
generic and inaccurate systemsettings in kde4, so that's what you'll see 
it as, but I still call it by the more accurate former name, kcontrol.  My 
choice as it's my post!

[2] The kcontrol layout was reorganized for kde 4.5.  It needed it so the 
changes were a good thing, but that does mean that 4.4 and earlier users 
will have to look around a bit, as I'm describing the 4.5/4.6 location, 

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