KDE Quality (problems) and my problems

John Longer ajohnlonger at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 19:28:59 BST 2011

Just commenting on Duncan's post

;-) Yes I was referring to the indexing feature in KDE4. EXT4 as I
understand it is an indexed file
system and if it's made it into the kernel it is likely to be very
efficient. Why compete? In some
areas there are good reasons why kde should compete.

On the semantic desktop aspect I would hope that KDE is retaining it's
flavour but must admit
that it is looking windowish in places. Having been involved with PC's
since the time IBM
bought them out it's clear that they have slowly become more and more
low brow. Can't
think of any other way to put that. There is a need for this but there
are lots and lots of
people that use pc's for other than letter writing, downloading videos
and music and etc. Some
even connect a camera to them. Some even process the photo's on them.
People use them
for all sorts of things. The low browing aspects are unimportant
providing the what might be
called the real facilities are still there. How these are presented
doesn't matter really. In my
case I need a method of accessing many large sets of data. I do not
see anything in 4
of much use to me other than the usual folders.

Any data on a pc is tagged some how or the other however it's
displayed. eg A file belongs
to a particular folder.
;-) I often have 100's of things on my desktop. Why not. It would
largely be a waste of space
if I didn't. Many pc users finish up with set ups like that because
they provide the fastest
mouse access. I am already irritated by the fact that FFox's download
directory is off my
home directory rather than the desktop. Before long I will feel the
same about photo's and in
all probability documents as well. If these desktop features achieve
the same thing via links
or what ever that's fine by me. I always give change a chance rather
than fighting it. Only
problem as I see it is that my interests are many and varied. There
will be lots of items on my
desktop or what ever other facility I use. One click is all that I
find acceptable as do many
others. Windows seems to be trying to force people in another
direction but many resist.

Nothing to do with KDE but gmail to me isn't too good at all. Yahoo's
is much better. I'm
only using it because I want to organise some aspects of my mail differently.

Mails are already tied to a folder in Kmail. If some nut wants several
hundred emails in flat tagged
view it's really only a matter of how they and the folders are
displayed. My view is that gmail
is popular because it's google. My impression so far is that I am
likely to switch this to yahoo.
Gmail doesn't even render text well.

I do hope that something is done about imports to kmail quickly and
that I can get it some
how. Out of interest I made noised about the mails in particular on
3.? and mail import
appeared shortly afterwards for some. I was amazed that the address
book wasn't done at
the same time. Not for me though. At that time it was possible to
simply drag the files into
mail directories.

On KDE4.6 so far - I haven't had many problems. I have had to double
click at times for
some unknown reason. There is also something else kicking about that
can cause rather
long delays at times.  My suspicion is that the kernel is spinning
down my drives. The
desktop effects were a little to much perhaps for my nvidia 7600 card
but not much of
one from an apparent use point of view. I've fitted a nvidia 210
silent. Glxgears now runs
at 200fps full screen 1680x1050. It was jerky on the 7600.

I'm going to miss konqueror as a file manager. I like it's ability to
use it to brows all. Photo’s
too but notice that it's retained most of it's other facilities. I
really am glad to see that.


Good that it does something with cntrl alt del but it should really default to
a complete restart. The display may be completely unusable. I had to
hit the reset

So far I haven't found a way of running kedit as su.

I have stuck yast in the main launch menu but can't find a way of
putting it's icon next
to it.

I tried to open an rpm with YAST to no avail. I did this to see if I
could force an rpm
to use a more recent lib file. Most likely a suse problem.

Auto update wanted to update. Ok but there was also a suse update.
When I checked
with YAST there were no updates available. Why the difference? I decided not to
use the update.

KDE 4.6.0 Release 6
OpenSuSe 11.4
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