KDE Quality (problems)

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 14 14:59:52 BST 2011

On Thursday 14 April 2011 13:23:33 Billie Walsh wrote:
> On 04/14/2011 01:45 AM, Clemens Eisserer wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I use KDE since 1998/1999 with kde-1.1 beeing the first version I
> > remember having used.
> > I always found it to be simply the best Desktop Environment,
> > escpecially during KDE-2.x/3.x times.
> > Since KDE-4 I am not that happy anymore.  Early releases were
> > horrible, ~4.3/4.4+ is ok, but still not as solid as one would expect.
> > 
> > The problems I see are:
> > 1. Too few developers, too much code
> > 2. Too short release cycles&  Quality testing
> > 3. Features count most mentality.
> > 4. Performance
> > 
> > I normally wouldn't bother the list with my ideas, however I have been
> > encouraged to do so.
> > 
> > Thanks, Clemens
> I suppose we all have our favorite parts of KDE. For me it's Quanta. For
> whatever reason the devs at wherever have pretty much decided it was not
> worth the effort to bring it along with KDE 4.x. There is one person
> trying to bring it along and I hope someday he manages to do it.
> Why they decided to kill off Quanta is beyond me, well maybe "kill off"
> is a bit of an over statement, but it is crippled very badly.

This thread is a perfect example of how basic facts about KDE are 
misunderstood.  It sounds, for instance, as though KDE consists of a body of 
people who sit in a room and make decisions about what will or won't be 
developed.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  

There are thousands of developers, most of which code for fun after doing a 
day-job.  Once you understand this, it makes a lot more sense.  I would like 
Quanta to be ported to KDE4, too, but the truth is that it's a job that 
doesn't appeal to anyone capable of doing it. enough to spend their evenings 
on it.

Then you have things like Telepathy, that are ambitious, and will eventually 
be very useful, but again, the developers are going as fast as their time will 
allow.  The developers of Kopete lost interest in taking it further, and the 
new team wanted to do more, so a new project was born.  That's how it goes.   
Developers come and go.  Life happens to them.  They leave college, get a job, 
get a girlfriend, get married, have a family etc., etc., etc..  Their work 
slows and sometimes has to stop altogether.  They are simply human.

And that's why in FOSS we will always have some beautiful fireworks and at the 
same time some things that make us weep.

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