Another case of WONTFIX

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Apr 13 07:28:00 BST 2011

gene heskett posted on Wed, 13 Apr 2011 01:24:20 -0400 as excerpted:

> Plus of course the stripped old mini-tower AMD K6-III box, also with 384
> megs of ram, but no drives at all, boots dd-wrt from a cf adapter
> plugged into the IDE cable, 3 net cards.  Generally runs headless as
> whatever I need to do to it I can do with its web interface.

I'm surprised you don't run it off a burned CD.  Physical read-only, to 
write the firmware you burn a new one, load it and reboot.  Even if it's 
0wn3d, there's no way to write a non-volatile config, and the media's 
cheap enough you just burn a new one and throw the old away, when you 

I'm running a linksys wrt54gl here, running openwrt, bought at the tail 
end of "g" as they were discounting them to clear, making way for "n".  It 
works for its job, but it's more difficult to administer than I'd like.  
Mainly it reminds me of why I prefer gentoo over the binary distributions 
so much, and when I upgrade, I'm going to try to get something I can 
easily stick Gentoo on, with large enough storage (preferably USB 
expandable) I don't have to worry about compressed filesystems and the 
like.  I don't care so much about wireless as I prefer wired, but several 
physically and logically separate gig-ethernet ports would be useful.  
(The wrt54gl has separately configurable ports, fast-ethernet, but I don't 
do as much with it as I would if it were running gentoo.)

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