KWin window rules, exempting Screen Edges?

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Tue Apr 12 23:47:57 BST 2011

Zorael posted on Tue, 12 Apr 2011 21:11:47 +0200 as excerpted:

> I have a use-case that I'm not sure how to tackle.
> I'm running Kubuntu 10.10 with KDE 4.6.2 from the backports ppa, and I
> have my top-left and bottom-right screen edges configured to trigger
> Present Windows and Desktop Grid respectively. Now, I'm trying to play
> a fullscreen real-time strategy game (via Wine) that pans the screen
> if you hold the mouse at any edge of the screen. These two naturally
> conflict, and I end up triggering those two effects while trying to
> move the camera in-game.
> I looked through the available Window Rules but there doesn't seem to
> be one I can enable that disables Screen Edges while this program's
> window is focused or fullscreened. My current workaround is to disable
> compositing altogether while playing, but that seems like a bit of a
> heavy-handed approach. Disabling compositing does not seem to improve
> framerate, so I can't use that as justification.
> Is there a solution I've missed, or should I file a wishlist entry for
> this?

Two primary comments, with additional observations:

1) I was just getting ready to suggest disabling effects (I assume that's
what you mean by compositing) here, when I saw that was your current 

If you're not already using it (you don't say), do note that using the 
keyboard shortcut to toggle effects should be far faster than opening the 
effects config and clicking the button.  It's also worth noting that said 
keyboard shortcuts are configurable.  FWIW, I remapped most of my kwin-
related shortcuts to win-key modified shortcuts, here.  Seems logical 
enough to me.  The suspend-effects toggle I mapped to Win-S. (Cube to
Win-C, close-window to Win-End, maximize to Win-PgUp, minimize to Win-PgDn, 
zoom to Win-Up/Dn/Left for in/out/normal... etc.)  So a quick Win-S does 
it for me. =:^)

2) There's a relatively new option on the effects Advanced tab.  Suspend 
desktop effects for fullscreen windows.  I do have it checked but as I run 
dual monitors and full-screen to only one, I don't really notice it or 
know if it's actually working as intended yet.  (With an app full-screened 
to one monitor, effects continue on the other as normal.)

I do recall reading, however, that while it currently works in that it 
does suspend effects for the full-screen window, the processing as if 
effects were on continues in the background -- effects just aren't 
applied.  They intend to change that at some point, and have the effects 
actually auto-suspend, so they don't affect framerates, etc, but that's 
not yet the case.  You still have to manually suspend effects to have them 
not affect frame-rates.  (However they implement that, I hope they don't 
screw up effects still running on the other monitor, when they're 
suspended on the one, or I'll be an unhappy camper!)

It's possible, however, that at least as currently implemented, the auto-
suspend doesn't suspend the screen-edge trigger, which naturally when 
triggered switches focus from the full-screen game, thus turning off the 
auto-suspend.  Whether they'll suspend the triggers when they fix it to 
really suspend effect processing as well, I don't know, but I believe 
that's the intent, as from what I read, they hope to make having to use 
the manual effects-toggle a rare thing, even to possibly being able to 
remove it at some time in the future (tho even then, one could do it the 
slow way, turning them off on the advanced tab, if necessary, the quick-
suspend button and probably keyboard shortcut would go away, that's all).

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