4.6.2 early report

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Fri Apr 8 22:26:35 BST 2011

On Friday, April 08, 2011 05:13:09 PM Duncan did opine:

> gene heskett posted on Fri, 08 Apr 2011 06:50:36 -0400 as excerpted:
[huge snip]
> > I'm off to do a full powerdown reboot, and at least 1 full cycle of
> > memtest86.  /.autofsck touched.  With 4Tb of fscking to do, I won't
> > say brb.  :-)
> You got /that/ right!

Ok, back from about 4 hours worth of memtest86-4.0 from an F12 install cd.  
It found one bit bad, fairly high in the range, on pass 2, test #4 and when 
I stopped it and only enabled that test #4, it did not find it again in 4 
more passes, so I have to assume it was just an alpha hit.

Now, get this, on the reboot, I lost my slideshow setup totally, but now I 
have a cashew AND a task manager on every window, so something got reset to 
defaults, but, the task manager is a very simplified version, just the 
kmenu icon, a pager, the dock and a clock. I'll have to wander through the 
menu's to find most of the stuff I use, and I'm even afraid to reconfigure 
the digital clock.  But I will as I like a full report so I can keep track 
of what day of the week it is etc.

Like I said, I wish I had a gallon of Cook's Real Kill, I'd donate it to 
the kde folks to kill some of these bugs with.

Thanks Duncan.

Cheers, Gene
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