4.6.2 early report

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Fri Apr 8 12:28:49 BST 2011

On Friday, April 08, 2011 07:16:45 AM Duncan did opine:
And I snipped.
This is, shall we say, interesting.  I have now, as root, touched 
/.autofsck twice and rebooted to no ddiscernable effect, no fsck is being 
done.  Also, the grub menu item for memtest fails to run memtest.
Curiouiser and curiouser.

That grub stanza to run memtest:
title memtest-4.10
kernel (hd0,0)/memtest-4.10 BOOT_IMAGE=memtest-4.10

[root at coyote boot]# ls -l memtest-4.10
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 162660 Nov  8 00:58 memtest-4.10

Can anyone see whats wrong with that?

Entry #26 boots just fine, its this kernel.

And of course, before things run, I have to re-add a task manager panel, 
none of this stuff survives a reboot.  Also, the speel checker is on 
strike.  Sigh.

Cheers, Gene
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