Firefox going awol for a while

John john_82 at
Fri Apr 8 16:16:24 BST 2011

On Friday 08 Apr 2011 06:20:50 Duncan wrote:
> >> 
> >> Are these related to power save by any chance?
> I don't believe so but as I said in the other replies, I run Gentoo, not
> OpenSuSE, so...
Hi Duncan Thanks for your detailed replies. I've entered all but the konqueror 
bookmark problem into the suse bug list. I need to study that one more 
carefully. I've rated 2 of them as critical as they meet the criteria. I would 
hope they remain like that.

On the above it looks very much like it is power save as kmail has done 
exactly the same thing. I deleted a mail after using the phone and of course 
as the 1st one didn't work I tried again.  Not sure but don't think it caught 
up with the deletes . I often use shift delete !
I minimised the window and then bought it up again. About 5 or so secs later 
it filled in the pane.  This is typical of the firefox going awol as well so 
looks to be systemish rather than a particular app. I notice a kernel append 
used in failsafe mode to disable power save completely. Think I'll try adding 
that. Power saves drive many people up the wall. That button I mentioned 
deserves some consideration.

I have found pervious incarnations of Firefox slightly flaky when multiple 
windows are open. I haven't hit this version ( 4.0) really hard yet but appart 
from a slight drop in speed it seems ok. As is 4.6.0 release 6 KDE actually 
from a stability point using the term loosely. All installed clean from the 
suse dvd onto new disks. That's why I upgraded. One of my disks was 
overheating and throwing errors so it was time to throw the lot away.

The only real problem with this kde release so far is data migration. I 
suspect there are a number of people about that are still on late 3.x releases 
as they don't like gnome. ;-) I don't even after ungnoming it as much as 
possible. Looking at the opensuse forum it's even possible to use the latest 
dvd's and then install late 3.x plus apps not using 4 at all. Some no doubt 
will have done that as well so migration from that era is important.

Spell check by the way is hanging around for even less time now and my fading 
windows are now rock solid. No reboots for 2 days and no changes made by me 
either. ;-) Ah well I suppose it's entertaining but suspect it's time for the 
devs to stop iterating on crumbly walls and to get the basics solid.

Spell checker comes alive again if any of it's options are activated. Must add 
to the bug report. Looks like it's going swiss family robinson.

OpenSuse 11.4 KDE 4.6.0 release 6
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