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Fri Nov 19 22:19:37 GMT 2010

Hello everybody,

My name is Abdalrahim G. Fakhouri, a member in Linux Arabs Community 
(, Arabeyes Translation and Arabization community (, 
and some others. I have been helping translating KDE into Arabic for a while, 
and I have frequently depended on Yousuf Chahibi to upload them (hence he has 
the required permissions to do so). Lately, a little bit earlier than code 
freezing of KDE, some (few) friends (LinuxAC members) and I started translating 
some files, and in the same time, I tried to contact Yousuf Chahibi on Arabeyes 
mailing list (since he is also a member), but never responded. I also tried to 
contact him on his personal e-mail, but no respond has ever been made. Moreover, 
I left many messages on Arabeyes' mailing list for anyone who has permissions to 
help us upload those files, but it seems that no one but Yousuf has those 

I don't know what to say, but my team and I were expecting to have those 
translations included in the coming 4.6 release. Right now, the translations are 
soft-frozen, which means that even if I could find someone who has permissions 
(which must have been already found), I need to email you so that those files 
can be included before the translations get into the "hard freeze" phase. 
Another thing is that having only one person with permissions to contribute to a 
big project like KDE isn't quite right, especially when he gets busy, or simply 
disappears (like what happened lately).

I hope you can help us include those translations; I also hope you can help me 
(or any other Arabeyes members, or even any Arabic translator) the permissions 
to contribute translations, so that we don't get stuck again in the future.

I'm waiting for your reply ...

your sincerely,
A. Fakhouri

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