desktop panel and dock files fix

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sat Nov 20 02:52:10 GMT 2010

sibu xolo posted on Fri, 19 Nov 2010 16:20:07 +0000 as excerpted:

> I would be grateful for advice on how to fix  the problem of  'docked
> files not appearing on   the desktop panel after the panel   became
> reconfigured, In otherwords  a fix would be appreciated  for  stuff  not
> docking and remaining visible (probably going in to some cache)   that
> 'disables'  logout to kdm.


This isn't a fix for you, as unfortunately I don't quite understand the 
issue based on your description (your post reads like English may not be 
your native language; I appreciate the struggle but still can't understand 
the post, perhaps because I don't use a *dm, but rather, startx, from a 
text console based login), but perhaps it'll help you get one.

When you post, please, always include kde version and distribution and/or 
source/repository information.  For instance, here, I'm running kde 4.5.3 
on Gentoo/~amd64, using the gentoo/kde overlay.  (Gentoo's a rolling 
update distribution and thus doesn't really have release versions like 
Ubuntu's recent 10.10 release, but that should be included too if it 

And for tough to describe problems, sometimes posting a screenshot helps.  
If you have access to a web site to post them to, that works, or you can 
try using pastebin or similar public sites, and simply post the links, if 
desired.  Or, if the screenshots are small enough (if you can post-process 
them to reduce the color depth to 16-bit-per-pixel or even 256-color/8-
bpp), cropping them if appropriate, and possibly converting to jpeg, that 
helps make the files smaller, but some people don't know how to do all 
that), you can try attaching them to the posting to the list, tho a link 
is preferred if it's possible, especially if the files are large.

But at least do post the version information, as right now, we have no 
idea whether you're still running an old kde 3.5.something, or an older kde 
4.3 or 4.4, or the quite new 4.5.something, nor do we know which 
distribution you are running kde on or if you compiled it yourself direct 
from kde's released source tarballs, which matters because some 
distributions make changes and so are quite different from what kde itself 

Hope you get an fix! =:^)

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