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Fri Mar 26 04:25:01 GMT 2010

I am me posted on Fri, 26 Mar 2010 08:48:17 +0530 as excerpted:

> How can I stop KMail from cleaning up leading spaces from a sig when an
> email is sent. I think that KMail>Composer>Edit>Clean Spaces is executed
> when a message is sent Ex : The char arrangement below will be messed up
> when it reaches you !
>         \|||/
>   --ooO-(o o)-Ooo---
>   Andrew (_) Chelladurai

It came thru just fine here (using pan on the list as received thru's list2news gateway).  Are you sure it's not wrapping 
preferences at the receiving end that's screwing things up?  And alignment 
can also change based on choice of monospace vs variable width font for 
display (also receiving end).  I know I have to toggle wrapping on 
occasion here, using pan, tho for whatever reason, that bit above comes 
thru just fine either way.

Of course, I don't do HTML, believing it inappropriate for mail or news 
unless you're a spammer or malware distributor with ulterior motives for 
using it, or a simple aoler noob who doesn't know any better.  
(Presumably, you're only posting the HTML here for demonstration purposes, 
you'd not normally do so.  As such, you get a technical exception from the 
above.)  So I'm looking at the plain text version, as the HTML version is 
a nasty looking jumble of code and text that's difficult to read for those 
who care about their security enough to disable HTML, or who choose to use 
a client that doesn't handle it at all.

If you like, you can go to your sent messages folder, select the message, 
and view source ("v" hotkey, at least on kmail here).  That should give 
you exactly what kmail sent down the wire(less?).  But it can't be 
screwing it up too bad, or I'd have not seen the properly aligned sample 
text here.

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