[kde] Stop Kmail from removing leading spaces

I am me theunknownandrew at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 05:43:42 GMT 2010

Yes!! guess It was :(
I double checked on a test machine running Karmic and KMail 1.12 and it was fine.
SO I purged KMail and re-installed it, and now everything is well

On Fri March 26 2010 9:55:01 am Duncan wrote:
>  Are you sure it's not wrapping
>  preferences at the receiving end that's screwing things up?  And alignment
>  can also change based on choice of monospace vs variable width font for
>  display (also receiving end).

class &Ru {
 psvm(String cmdLn[]){
  sop("Never be afraid to try something new, remember; "+
  "amateurs built the ark, and professionals built the Titanic.");

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