Stop Kmail from removing leading spaces

I am me theunknownandrew at
Fri Mar 26 03:18:17 GMT 2010

Hi guys,

How can I stop KMail from cleaning up leading spaces from a sig when an email is sent.
I think that KMail>Composer>Edit>Clean Spaces is executed when a message is sent
Ex : The char arrangement below will be messed up when it reaches you !

  --ooO-(o o)-Ooo---
  Andrew (_) Chelladurai

I have looked at the preferences but have not been able to find or overlooked and option to remedy this.
I am on Kubuntu Jaunty running KMail 1.11.2 on KDE 4.2.2

class &Ru { // writes Java & liks *NIX*
 psvm(String cmdLn[]){
  sout("Never be afraid to try something new, remember; "+
  "amateurs built the ark, and professionals built the Titanic.");

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