.desktop file test conditions and menu item ordering

Thom Brown thombrown at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 13:33:22 GMT 2010


I'm trying to write a .desktop file which would determine whether or
not the selected directory of file path has .svn/entries in it.  From
what I've seen, either one of the following should do:

ShowIfTrue=[ -r %d/.svn/entries ] && echo "true"
X-KDE-ShowIfDBusCall=[ -r %d/.svn/entries ] && echo "true"

But neither do.  Could someone provide some insight into what I need
to do to achieve this?

And also, is there a way to ensure the order of context menu items?
For example, I'd want the following:


But what's actually happening is ActionA and ActionB appear below
MenuA.  I've tried renaming one of the .desktop files so that the one
which contains ActionA and ActionB is alphabetically earlier.


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