"silent" option for all kde's notifications

David stormbyte at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 15:38:06 GMT 2010

On Miércoles 03 Marzo 2010 11:32:06 Kevin Krammer escribió:
> On Tuesday, 2010-03-02, Edgar Kalkowski wrote:
> > Am oder ungefähr am Sonntag 28 Februar 2010, schrieb David:
> > > Hi there, I want to propose a idea that could be interesting for some
> > > people (like me).
> > > 
> > > The idea is to hace a short cut key to disable ALL notifications system
> > > wide, temporarily (until same short cut is pressed or until relogin).
> > > 
> > > This could be specially usefull when some "noisy" program is running
> > > and you are watching a fullscreen film for example.
> > > 
> > > I didn't see any option for this issue in kde 4.4.0, how about it?
> > 
> > I never found such an option but would second that it could be very
> > useful!
> > 
> >  Perhaps this mechanism could also apply to the acoustic system
> >  notifications.
> Sound is usually just one of the optional presentation modes for
> notifications so such a switch could effect those as well.
> However, while a shortcut might indeed be handy sometimes, use cases like
> fullscreen video, presentations, etc. should probably be handled
> automatically, e.g. like such applications usually already disable
> screensavers or monitor powersave modes.
> Basically switching the notifications syststem into a presentation mode
> profile which by default could e.g. log all notifications for later viewing
> instead of showing immediately.
> Definitely a good idea, has anyone considered adding it to the brainstorm
> section on kde-forum.org?
> Cheers,
> Kevin

In the first place, thanks for answering.
In the other hand, I think it could be added "easily" despite I'm not a 

First, KDE already has code for disabling compositing when an app runs in 
fullscreen mode, so a little snippet of code could be inserted nearby, and

Second, all KDE's notification (in 4.4 at least) are "wrapped" into the new 
"notify library", so I think it should not be that difficult to make all 
"invisible" automatically.

The last but not least, could be implementing a DBUS call to simplify this 
proccess: KDE could use this DBUS call to "say" libnotify that it should not 
show anything, and also, could add the possibility for a user to send this 
DBUS message in their own profit.

Any developer can post his opinion?

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