Disappearing cifs share hangs entire desktop

Sam Handel schmandel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 02:55:26 BST 2010

I am running KDE 4.3.5 on Gentoo linux, 64 bit intel/amd, kernel

When a cifs mount becomes unreachable, the desktop hangs, even though
the mount point has not ever been in use by any application or process.
I have been able to regain control to sometimes see a kio_slave process
running at 100% of one core. That's the best case, sometimes the hang
has been so total the only option was to hit the hardware reset.

When hung, if I can kill X to get out to a console shell, there are no
issues apparent.

I did some testing by starting and stopping the samba process on a
mounted remote server. Stop samba => hang. Restarting samba usually
de-hangs the desktop, but not always.

This is a real PITA on a laptop that moves between access points and
sometimes out of range of a wireless network. Taking an elevator can
result in pulling the battery afterwards to regain control.

Anyone have any ideas on this? I don't recall this ever being an issue
until I moved to KDE4.
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