Disappearing cifs share hangs entire desktop

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Jun 24 17:12:41 BST 2010

Sam Handel posted on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 21:55:26 -0400 as excerpted:

> I am running KDE 4.3.5 on Gentoo linux, 64 bit intel/amd, kernel
> When a cifs mount becomes unreachable, the desktop hangs, even though
> the mount point has not ever been in use by any application or process.
> I have been able to regain control to sometimes see a kio_slave process
> running at 100% of one core. That's the best case, sometimes the hang
> has been so total the only option was to hit the hardware reset.

Obviously, something's polling that CIFS share, thru the kio-slave.  The 
question is what.

How do you have your nepomuk/strigi file indexing setup?  KDE 4.3.5 is 
nearly six months outdated (I'm running current, 4.4.4) and I'm not sure 
the configuration is the same, but in 4.4 at least, in kcontrol (wrongly 
aka systemsettings, it's generally user specific kde settings, not
system-wide system settings), advanced user settings, desktop search, 
desktop file indexing can be disabled entirely, if you like, or set to 
exclude indexing for parts of the filesystem tree.

For 4.4 and even more so for 4.3, the indexing may be there, but kde 
doesn't make a whole lot of use of it, yet.  Given that, you may wish to 
disable indexing entirely, until perhaps 4.5 or 4.6, at which point 
applications should begin to integrate that extra information, and it 
might actually be worth having.  Alternatively, keep indexing on in 
general, but configure it to exclude your cifs mountpoints from its 

Either disabling indexing entirely, or simply excluding the cifs 
mountpoints, should kill /that/ particular access to those mountpoints.  
Hopefully that eliminates your problem.

It's also possible that the device notifier is giving you some trouble.  
I'm not sure how it interacts with network based filesystems appearing and 
disappearing, but if it's not the indexing above, it can't hurt to try 
removing the device notifier plasmoid to see if that fixes the problem.  
You can always add it back (unlock widgets if necessary, add widgets, find 
device notifier and drag it to where you want it) later, if desired.  If 
removing the device notifier does eliminate the problem, but you use it, 
it does allow some configuration.  Perhaps configuring it not to bother 
with the cifs mountpoints will help.

The problem could also be other plasmoids.  You say the mountpoint hasn't 
been used, but are you accounting for, for instance, folderview plasmoids 
that might be pointed at a directory on the cifs mountpoint?  Some people 
forget about those.

But I'm guessing it's the nepomuk/strigi indexing, and either disabling 
that, or telling it to ignore the cifs mountpoints, will fix it for you.  
We'll see, I guess.

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