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Sat Jun 19 03:20:24 BST 2010

On 2010/06/18 09:45 (GMT-0700) Refr Bruhl composed:

> Sorry I still stand by my view this is a listserv/client software issue. This is not a deleiberate attempt at thread hijacking.

Not deliberate != not hijacked. Intent is irrelevant. The reply button is for
composing a response to an existing message. The compose/new buttons are for
composing a new message that is not a response to some other message. Using
the former when not composing a topical response to an existing message is
hijacking regardless of intent.

> Yahoo, IBM, Free Pascal, Adobe, and a host of other listserv groups I belong to do not have this issue.

I'm on more than 75. All are the same WRT threading/hijacking. It's just not
apparent when using web mail rather than a dedicated MUA.

> I use this same technique with those. Only the KDE out of abut 20 groups I
belong to has this issue.

In the headers of your message is:

	User-Agent: YahooMailRC/397.8 YahooMailWebService/

This is not a conformant user agent currently capable of utilizing message ID
headers required for threads to be displayed as threads based on references
instead of emulating threads based upon subject line.
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