lost my connection to addressbook-for Anne Wilson

Gracia M. Littauer gracia at yadtel.net
Sat Jan 16 22:34:27 GMT 2010

Yo Anne

THANK YOU!! Thanks you for KIND advice. I have all you words saved. For all my 
supper Linux gurus & my yrs of computer experience, you gave me the best 
advice & where all the files were to be found.  I couldn't do what you said at 
first because when I opened kaddresssB there was nothing there, just 3 empty 
divisions, but I kept asking & looking & sending the shell command until I 
FINANALLY got, the last time I tried to open it,  the things you talked about. 
I checked the addressbook & all was well!! 

I don't know if it's a Zen bug or a kde bug, but I can't think of anything I 
did to cause it. I hate using the <distribution lists>, they always make a 
mess of what I want ;^)

Gracia in Cooleemee, NC- on Zenwalk 6.2
Cogito, ergo sum
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