Attend CampKDE Jan 15-18 via Voice over Internet (VOIP), BerkeleyTIP

giovanni_re john_re at
Thu Jan 14 09:02:56 GMT 2010

This weekend is CampKDE in San Diego, California, USA.  For those who
would like to participate, but can't physically attend, the BerkeleyTIP
group will (unofficially, as a public service) provide assistance to
everyone who would like to communicate via voice about &/or with the
conference, & other KDE community members, globally.  [VOIP
communication is typically free (no money $ cost) to people with
internet access.]

Join #berkeleytip on, & we will do our best (depending
on availability of BTIP people) to help people get on VOIP in order to
talk about KDE, or whatever.

You are also invited to join the BerkeleyTIP mailing list, & ask any
help or other questions there.

Here's the announcement there:
CampKDE Jan 15-18 SanDiego, VOIP & Ride Share; BerkeleyTIP

I'll be announcing this on some KDE related mailing lists.

When (if) I get time, I'll locate the CampKDE organizers, & email them
telling them BTIP is helping KDE community members with this
unofficially, & asking them if they'd like to try to do something
officially in arranging global VOIP for the KDE community interested in

Here is the VOIP HowTo page for BerkeleyTIP:

There are 2 ways to join the VOIP conference: 1) Computer VOIP globally
using a sw client & headset & mic, & 2) Dial in with land or cell phone
to a phone # in Washington state, USA (free, no $ money cost, if you
have free long distance phone service).

So, join on the #berkeleytip freenode irc channel, or the mailing list,
& we'll do our best to help you get on the global conference to discuss
KDE via voice communication. :)
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