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Fri Jan 15 03:59:28 GMT 2010

Hi KDE readers.  :)

I am sending to you this message which I just sent to the KUbuntu-users list moderator, because I wish to alert the KDE community to this one (of several) strange (in my opinion) actions I have observed from the Kubuntu/Ubuntu "community leaders?" recently.

The item below is specifically about a CampKDE related email that was moderator blocked from going to the KUbuntu mailing list.

The facts are making me think that these people are, if not highly misguided/ignorant/uneducated, that their level of "un community minded actions" might in fact be _deliberately_ being taken, in order to try to  weaken or perhaps even kill off the KDE project.

I am a supporter of the KDE & KUbuntu projects, having used KUbuntu for about 5+/many years, KDE (with Debian) for about 5 years before that. (before that I was a red hat user, pre KDE days).

I'm hoping that this message can be one item to alert the KDE community group mind, so that if indeed Canonical is trying to kill off KDE, via either deliberate action, or active neglect, that the KDE community might take remedary action in as quick a time frame as possible.

I'll note that I've spoken & had email exchanges with Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu, owner of Canonical, several times, heard him speak at several venues, & _he_ seems to me to be a very reasonable, community oriented, positive & progress oriented guy.  But, some 3-10 experiences I've had with Ubuntu/etc are raising serious questions in my mind about the actual actions of Canonical/Ubuntu "people on the ground".

I wish I had more time to investigate & think about this, but this is the current limit of my volunteer time on this matter.

If you have the interest, you might wish to read the BerkeleyTIP mailing list, which is the most likely place I'd post more info about this.

Your thoughts???

Best wishes. :)

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Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 19:34:02 -0800
Subject: Attend CampKDE... via ... (VOIP), BerkeleyTIP - Re: Request to mailing list kubuntu-users rejected

Er, Hi there moderator :)  Is this Clay Weber?  

Whoever wrote the below: Are you a Canonical or related employee? Thanks - Those are real, not rhetorical questions. I'm seriously asking those.

So, um,, you said:

"Camp KDE is a developer targeted meeting," 
- well, yes, true, but then you said:

"a user mailing list is definitely the wrong target"
 - and that, I believe, if totally false & a totally wrong & illogical conclusion.

In approximate first rough cut form: The KUbuntu community _is _the source_ of the KDE development community_..

More finely, precisely & accurately, specifically, it is (probably the largest) source of people who are _the future progress for the KDE community_. 

Given my limited time to write this, I'm hoping you grasp the essence of what I'm only briefly able to describe with the few short above words.

Specifically: The KUbuntu _user_ list is _definitely the _____RIGHT_____ target for the message I sent, because that is the large Ubuntu user group with an interest in KDE, the _interested in KDE_ audience that is desirous of being alerted to important matters relevant to the KDE sw they are interested in, & are actually using.

The KUbuntu mailing list subscribers, people who have spent their valuable time to sign up to receive, & then read, about the KDEized Ubuntu sw are _exactly_ the kind of people with the _highest_ interest in KDE sw (like, much more so than the GNOME based Ubuntu sw users.)

Before people become developers, they start out as users.  Users are the source of where developers come from.  If you block users from learning about what the developers of their sw are working on (here, a conference), you cut off the roots of the plant, metaphorically, & are essentially killing off the growth & life of the (KDE) project.

So, what is really going on here?  Is Canonical really trying to kill off progress in the KDE community, by inhibiting the flow of information important to KUbuntu users from reaching those users?

The only other possible non absurd motive I can think a moderator might have for blocking this message is that the moderator (erroneously) believes that the KUbuntu users are so stupid that they need to be sheltered from this horrid "developer" related information.

Really, please don't take offense, I don't mean the above in a bad way, it's merely that your "reason" strikes me as such absurdness that the only possible alternative (to the writer of that "reason" being _actually_ absurd) is that either 1) there is a deliberate attempt to kill KDE being implemented, or 2) the writer thinks KUbuntu users are _idiots_.

Please enlighten me to what is really going on behind that "reason/statement".  I am truly highly interested in knowing.

Thanks for you help. :)

Note: I, and the other BerkeleyTIP volunteers, do this work as part of our unpaid volunteer work for the Free SW HW & Culture communities. In our minuscule ""free"" time.  We are unpaid, community volunteers (as typical throughout the Free(dom) Software community).

Oh, and will you please put/moderate the original message through to the list?  I think that is what the KUbuntu list subscriber base would appreciate.  Thank you.  [Original message appended after the moderator message below.]

On Fri, 15 Jan 2010 00:14:48 +0000, kubuntu-users-bounces at said:
> Your request to the kubuntu-users mailing list
>     Posting of your message titled "Attend CampKDE Jan 15-18 via Voice
> over Internet (VOIP), BerkeleyTIP"
> has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the
> following reason for rejecting your request:
> "Your message was deemed inappropriate by the moderator. Camp KDE is a
> developer targeted meeting, a user mailing list is definitely the
> wrong target. "
> Any questions or comments should be directed to the list administrator
> at:
>     kubuntu-users-owner at

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To: kubuntu-users at
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 01:06:00 -0800
Attend CampKDE Jan 15-18 via Voice over Internet (VOIP), BerkeleyTIP

This weekend is CampKDE in San Diego, California, USA.  For those who
would like to participate, but can't physically attend, the BerkeleyTIP
group will (unofficially, as a public service) provide assistance to
everyone who would like to communicate via voice about &/or with the
conference, & other KDE community members, globally.  [VOIP
communication is typically free (no money $ cost) to people with
internet access.]

Join #berkeleytip on, & we will do our best (depending
on availability of BTIP people) to help people get on VOIP in order to
talk about KDE, or whatever.

You are also invited to join the BerkeleyTIP mailing list, & ask any
help or other questions there.

Here's the announcement there:
CampKDE Jan 15-18 SanDiego, VOIP & Ride Share; BerkeleyTIP

I'll be announcing this on some KDE related mailing lists.

When (if) I get time, I'll locate the CampKDE organizers, & email them
telling them BTIP is helping KDE community members with this
unofficially, & asking them if they'd like to try to do something
officially in arranging global VOIP for the KDE community interested in

Here is the VOIP HowTo page for BerkeleyTIP:

There are 2 ways to join the VOIP conference: 1) Computer VOIP globally
using a sw client & headset & mic, & 2) Dial in with land or cell phone
to a phone # in Washington state, USA (free, no $ money cost, if you
have free long distance phone service).


So, join on the #berkeleytip freenode irc channel, or the mailing list,
& we'll do our best to help you get on the global conference to discuss
KDE via voice communication.  :) 
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