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Thu Jan 14 01:30:19 GMT 2010

Matthew Woehlke posted on Wed, 13 Jan 2010 17:09:18 -0600 as excerpted:

> Shades
> These would be the lighter/darker/shadow of some colors, usually normal
> background of some set, used for 3D effects and other things (e.g. might
> be used for the lines in a tree view, in some styles). These are...
> well, darker or lighter than the respective color, influenced somewhat
> by the 'contrast' setting. Configuring these isn't feasible, as the
> 'built in' shades are more in the nature of suggestions or convenience,
> and it's not unusual for a style to skip KColorScheme::Shade and
> (ideally) use the KColorUtils functions directly. There isn't any normal
> way to configure this because you can take an arbitrary shade (i.e. not
> limited to the ones in KCS) of an arbitrary color. The best you can do
> if these are a problem is complain to the style/application author,
> unless you can identify a systemic problem in KColorScheme::Shade.

This is the one I had issues with.  The other issue was the (of course 
user settable) transparency, affecting my ability to simply kolorpicker/
kruler my way to a number that I can compare to those in the color 
settings dialog.  But transparency can be killed, temporarily, and the 
color matched then.

In my case the shading issue was (I think) with the oxygen style and the 
colorful scrollbars option.  It took me forever to figure that one out, 
as it didn't match any of the colors in the color-scheme.

What I really miss is the way the titlebar blend worked in kde3 (with, I 
forgot which style, but kde2 window-widget-scheme, IIRC) -- you chose two 
colors and it blended between them.  I really miss the ability, and the 
in-your-face this-IS-two-colors bit, to set the second color directly.

(No time for more. Gotta go now.)

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