Redland vs. KDE-4.4 (aka TRUNK)

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Tue Jan 12 18:30:39 GMT 2010

Hi James,

On Tuesday, 2010-01-12, James Tyrer wrote:
> Might I first say how much fun it is to try to figure out what versions
> of various libraries to install by trial and error.  It is really great
> fun, and I'm not finished yet.
> After some Googling, it appeared that reading the CMakeLists.txt files
> in KDESupport was a good idea, and discovered (in Soprano) that
> Redland-1.0.5 is required.
> I hope that I can still express -- am still allowed to express -- my
> opinion which is that this is totally unacceptable.  There is no error
> message indicating which version is required anywhere -- nothing in the
> lists that scroll by indicating whether or not you have met the
> dependency requirements.  There is no sanity check option which prevents
> Soprano from compiling if you don't have the correct version.  It
> compiles fine.

I am not sure it is required for Soprano in the sense of backend, but for some 
build time tools in kdelibs (for processing some of the semantic input stuff 

> Then you go on to compile KDELibs and there is no indication of a
> problem when you run CMake.  The first real indication that there is a
> problem is that the compile of KDELibs fails with an error.

So the check for this dependency is probably missing there.

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