Redland vs. KDE-4.4 (aka TRUNK)

James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Wed Jan 13 13:56:52 GMT 2010

James Tyrer wrote:

> I also found that I couldn't compile one of the versions that I tried
>  against SQLite-3.6.22 so I still have to check that again.
I find that downgrading SQLite has broken Firefox 3.5.7.  So, it appears 
that the only choice is to build Redland without SQLite.  I don't know 
if that will cause problems.

Does anybody know?

> My next experiment will be to compile Redland-1.0.5 with the internal
>  Raptor and Rasqal and see if that works.  Then I will be able to 
> also install the latest Rasqal which would also allow the install of 
> the current release of Redland except that that would cause a 
> possible conflict..  I don't know if this will work since it depends 
> on how 'trig' is accessed.

That doesn't work because Redland doesn't install them as private 
libraries, it just installs them.

James Tyrer

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