Redland vs. KDE-4.4 (aka TRUNK)

James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Tue Jan 12 18:21:37 GMT 2010

Might I first say how much fun it is to try to figure out what versions 
of various libraries to install by trial and error.  It is really great 
fun, and I'm not finished yet.

After some Googling, it appeared that reading the CMakeLists.txt files 
in KDESupport was a good idea, and discovered (in Soprano) that 
Redland-1.0.5 is required.

I hope that I can still express -- am still allowed to express -- my 
opinion which is that this is totally unacceptable.  There is no error 
message indicating which version is required anywhere -- nothing in the 
lists that scroll by indicating whether or not you have met the 
dependency requirements.  There is no sanity check option which prevents 
Soprano from compiling if you don't have the correct version.  It 
compiles fine.

Then you go on to compile KDELibs and there is no indication of a 
problem when you run CMake.  The first real indication that there is a 
problem is that the compile of KDELibs fails with an error.

So, I installed Redland-1.0.5 and determined by trial and error that the 
newest version of Rasqal that I could build it against was 0.9.15 and 
was fortunate that it would compile against Raptor-1.4.20.  I also found 
that I couldn't compile one of the versions that I tried against 
SQLite-3.6.22 so I still have to check that again.

Now, I should point out that Redland-1.0.5 is circa Fedora-6.  However, 
you can't use Raptor from that era because you need 'trig' and that 
means the newest version of Raptor is necessary.  This doesn't seem like 
a good idea to have an assortment of library vintages -- I expect problems.

I also find it unacceptable for the newest version of KDE-4 (TRUNK) to 
require a library this old.  I think that this is a bug and will report 

My next experiment will be to compile Redland-1.0.5 with the internal 
Raptor and Rasqal and see if that works.  Then I will be able to also 
install the latest Rasqal which would also allow the install of the 
current release of Redland except that that would cause a possible 
conflict..  I don't know if this will work since it depends on how 
'trig' is accessed.

It is possible to link Soprano against the specific version of Redland 
(1.0.5) and I might suggest that if that version is required that the 
build system be set up to link against it.  I don't think that this will 
work since the versions of librdf are all 0.0.0.  That isn't good either.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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