KDE 4.3.4 cannot start

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 9 10:31:47 GMT 2010

Duncan wrote:
> James Tyrer posted on Thu, 07 Jan 2010 11:39:58 -0700 as excerpted:
>> I still think that you should install KDESupport.  It installs these
>> packages:
>> akonadi
>> automoc
>> cpptoxml
>> decibel
>> phonon
>> polkit-qt
>> qimageblitz
>> soprano
>> strigi
>> taglib
>> taglib-extras
>> tapioca-qt
>> telepathy-qt
>> I specifically note "polkit-qt" which might be your specific problem.
>> Before you install Qt-4, you need to install:
>> DBus
>> DBus-Glib
>> HAL
>> HAL-Info
>> PolicyKit
>> EggDBus
>> polkit
>> ConsoleKit
>> and the file: "/etc/dbus-1/session-local.conf" might need "servicedir"s
>> added.
> Actually, policykit isn't a hard kde4 dependency, it's quite optional.  I 
> don't have it installed here.  On Gentoo, of the packages I have 
> installed, hal and pykde4 have the policykit USE flag, but I have it off, 
> so they're built without that support.  Other packages that have that USE 
> flag include gnome-system-tools, system-tools-bakcends, gnome-session, 
> gnome-lirc-properties, gnome-power-manager, hplip, and consolekit 
> (another optional dependency, as should be obvious given I'm running 
> kde4, since I mention it in the other, not the installed, packages).
> Yet another kde4 optional is eggdbus, which I don't believe I'd ever 
> heard of until now.

It is a dependency for "polkit".

> dbus is mandatory AFAIK, as it has now replaced kde3's dcop as the kde 
> system message bus -- dbus being the standard where dcop was kde-
> specific.  Hal, I'm honestly not sure.  I have the hal USE flag set, but 
> I don't remember if it was a required kde dependency or if I just liked 
> the idea of X input hotplugging, etc.  Supporting those are dbus-glib and 
> hal-info, both of which I have installed as well.
Yes, some of this is optional, but we need to be clear about what 
'optional' means.  If you don't install the optional stuff, some of the 
KDE-4 features will not work.  So, I recommend that it be installed.

James Tyrer

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