pulseaudio and jack don't work, but amarok locks the device otherwise.

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 9 09:13:58 GMT 2010

paulo wrote:
> Hi,
> back to an old problem.
> Sometimes, when I reboot my system, I get a strange behavior out of alsa.
> It wont play anything unless I specify the device, as in mplayer -ao 
> alsa:noblock:device=hw=1.0.

Are you certain that it is ALSA.  It could be that Phonon is the problem 
if it is only KDE applications that are causing issues.

> This works, but if amarok is running, that file will be locked. So, I 
> have to close amarok to play anything else.
> Restarting alsasound won't do any good.
> I read somewere that if you use pulseaudio or jack, you can have 
> multiple apps using your soundcard, since amarok will "lock" the device 
> at the sound server level, and not at the hardware level.
> Yet, neither sound server works on my system. I allways get a "Device 
> foo dosen't work. Falling back to Intel bar analog."
> Any ideas how to get this working?
Jack needs to be configured for it to work, not simple, read the 
documentation or install a GUI front-end for it.

PulseAudio requires that users be a member of the "pulse-access" group 
to access it.

James Tyrer

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