pulseaudio and jack don't work, but amarok locks the device otherwise.

paulo paulo.jnkml at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 06:04:04 GMT 2010

back to an old problem.

Sometimes, when I reboot my system, I get a strange behavior out of alsa.
It wont play anything unless I specify the device, as in mplayer -ao 
This works, but if amarok is running, that file will be locked. So, I 
have to close amarok to play anything else.
Restarting alsasound won't do any good.

I read somewere that if you use pulseaudio or jack, you can have 
multiple apps using your soundcard, since amarok will "lock" the device 
at the sound server level, and not at the hardware level.
Yet, neither sound server works on my system. I allways get a "Device 
foo dosen't work. Falling back to Intel bar analog."

Any ideas how to get this working?

Thank you,

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