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Mon Feb 22 17:44:21 GMT 2010

Peter Lewis posted on Mon, 22 Feb 2010 17:22:22 +0000 as excerpted:

> OK so this is a behaviour that has been carried forward from past
> generations of kmail. I have been using kmail since last century (sounds
> like a long time) and in general I have updated in order to keep my
> accounts, identities and filters. There was a time when I had to do a
> fairly large cut and paste because the new version would not recognise
> the old format but that was some time ago and I can not remember exactly
> when.
> The Solution Is:
> Using the Configure kmail dialogue in the Composer pane - Standard
> Template tab - Reply to... tabs.
> Type %CURSOR at the point in the template that you would like the
> insertion point to be.
> If you are using custom templates in identities make sure that they are
> set up correctly.
> Interestingly I could not find a selection in the "Insert Command" drop
> down box which would place %CURSOR into the template.

Wow!  Good detective work there!  It'd have likely taken me quite a while 
to figure that one out (if ever).

Meanwhile, FWIW, while I'm a big "quote first" fan myself (and do mention 
it at times, too, when I have a reversed quote to try to reply to... or 
just skip the whole reply sometimes, if I'm tired and don't want the 
hassle), here's how I heard cursor at the top explained once, and it did 
make sense -- as long as you can persuade others that's the case! =;^/

The claim is that some clients choose to put the cursor at the top in 
ordered to encourage people to edit the quote if they have to scroll too 
far.  Whether or not that's true, it /can/ be a helpful reminder, at least 
if you're in the habit of replying after the quote, already.

Personally, I often reply point-by-point, inline.  With the exception of 
technical context (log messages, etc) which may need preserved nearly 
verbatim to maintain the context, if any quoted segment gets too long, I 
do try to edit it down further, paraphrasing (as noted in brackets) if 
necessary.  Where possible, I edit log output and the like as well, the 
bracketed ellipsis (or simply a blank line without quote mark indicating 
excision, given the "excerpted" in my attribution) being my friend, but 
sometimes, particularly in technical discussions, it's just not possible 
while keeping sufficient context.

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