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Peter Lewis lewisp at
Mon Feb 22 17:22:22 GMT 2010

On Monday 22 Feb 2010 Anne Wilson sent:

> On Monday 22 February 2010 12:06:07 Peter Lewis wrote:
> > > Check the settings under Configure KMail > Composer.  On the General
> > > tab
> > >
> > >  there is 'Insert signature above quoted text'.  If that is UNchecked
> > > it should default to placing the cursor at the bottom.  Your signature
> > > will be appended after your entered text.
> >
> > It is UNchecked but the insertion point (I think that is what you are
> > referring to by cursor) is at the top before the quoted text and the
> > signature block is at the bottom after the quoted text.
> That's certainly not normal.  Can some other kubuntu user tell us whether
>  they also see the problem?
> Anne

OK so this is a behaviour that has been carried forward from past generations 
of kmail. I have been using kmail since last century (sounds like a long time) 
and in general I have updated in order to keep my accounts, identities and 
filters. There was a time when I had to do a fairly large cut and paste 
because the new version would not recognise the old format but that was some 
time ago and I can not remember exactly when.

The Solution Is:
Using the Configure kmail dialogue in the Composer pane - Standard Template 
tab - Reply to... tabs.
Type %CURSOR at the point in the template that you would like the insertion 
point to be.
If you are using custom templates in identities make sure that they are set up 

Interestingly I could not find a selection in the "Insert Command" drop down 
box which would place %CURSOR into the template.


All the best,
Peter Lewis
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