What are strange ~.kde/share/apps/kpdf files?

Krenar Qehaja kedadi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 10:25:49 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 16 February 2010 06:29:53 Larry Alkoff wrote:
> How do I tell what version of kpdf I'm using?

kpdf --version

> I'm use Kubuntu 8.04 LTS and will be changing to 10.04 LTS when it comes 
> out.

On 10.04 LTS there will be no KPDF as it was replaced by Okular long time ago 
(since KDE 4.0 was released).

> root at arriba ~# ls -l /usr/bin/kpdf
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 43K 2008-08-26 06:41 /usr/bin/kpdf
> root at arriba ~# /usr/bin/kpdf
> Error: "/var/tmp/kdecache-lba" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.
> Should I be using kpdf only as sudo?  I've been using kpdf for a long 
> time as user 1000. and it has seemed to work.

I guess you should avoid using it as root user. What happens execute it as a 
normal user?

> Larry

Those xml files found in ~/.kde/share/apps/kpdf are used by KPDF to keep 
informations regarding the PDF documents that you have been using recently.

Krenar Qehaja
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