kde 3, 4, 4.5[?] How to install to kde 4 (or newer)?

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Sun Feb 14 06:09:01 GMT 2010

> Most recent systems have HDs so large that it's actually kind of dumb not to
> multiboot instead of replacing a whole OS. When you install another in
> addition instead of replacing, you have the opportunity to evaluate without
> losing anything you had to start with except a small fraction of HD space.
> When you add an OS, and don't like it, you can just not use it, and continue
> to use what you had, and later use the space for whichever you don't prefer
> for the next trial that comes along. An added bonus is that if you corrupt
> one OS on a multiboot system, it can be quite easy to fix by booting another,
> instead of having to find and boot some removable media's rescue system.

LiveCD are great for fixing broken systems, which is what you are
doing when booting a multiboot system.  VMs are great for using and
testing multiple OSs without the need to reboot to another OS because
you have more than one OS running.
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