Uploading files or downloading files causes crashing.

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 11 11:43:05 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 10 February 2010 20:33:55 Sue Harris wrote:
> Hi Anne,
> I am using ArkLinux.
> My Linux Version is:
> Ark Linux - Home (2008.1-0.dockyard20080514.1ark)
> I am running kernel: Kernel on  i686
> KDE Release 3.5.9-3ark
> Konsole 1.6.6
> Firefox version  As you can see, it hasn't been updated in a long
> time. 

Hmm - everything there looks very old.  Is it not possible to update your 
system from the distro repositories?  While it's probably not the immediate 
cause of your problem, it's certainly true that many bugs and vulnerabilities 
would have been fixed.

> Extensions: These are the ones I found:
> AMAZING Sorority Life Toolbar   : Uninstalled it.   (But it wasn't
> new. It had been there a long time.) DOM Inspector   : Disabled
> it.
> FlashGot    : Disabled it.    (Version is available.
> Should I install that one?)
I would recommend uninstalling all add-ons.  It's really much safer to re-
install them later - you know that you get compatible versions that way, and 
with an update that's very important.

> Then Firefox needs to be restarted for the changes to the Extensions to be
> effective. So I rebooted the computer.  

You didn't need to reboot.  Just restarting Firefox is all that's needed.  
With recent versions it offers a button to activate the restart, and it's 
pretty seamless.  I think that on older versions you had to shut down Firefox, 
wait a few seconds, then re-start it.

> Then I went to Firefox.com to try
> to download the newest version: 3.6. I clicked on the green button that
> brings up the dialog box: Opening firefox-3.6.tar.bz2:   What should
> Firefox do with this file? I selected:  Save to Disk. As soon as I click
> on [OK] Firefox crashes.
Have you plenty of disk space?  In konsole type 'df -h' and paste the result 

> In the past some websites wouldn't play video and they told me that I don't
> have the most updated version of Flash. Could this have something to do
> with it? I had tried (months ago) to download the new version, but when I
> get the file on the desktop, I don't know what to do with it to install
> it.
I don't think flash is involved in this.  Once you get a recent version 
installed you'll find that when you need flash you will be asked if you want 
to install Adobe flash.  Follow the instructions for that.  It works well.

> Or could Firefox crashing be a virus?

Very unlikely.  There could be some corruption, though, which may have been 
the cause of your original problems - though corruption that affects both 
Firefox and Konqueror do seem relatively unlikely.

Try downloading Firefox in Konqueror.  If that doesn't work, see whether you 
can run 'wget path-to-firefox-update' in konsole - having first made sure you 
know which directory you are downloading to.

If none of this works you need help from someone who knows Ark.  Try to get an 
IRC client set up - konversation is very easy to set up if you can get it for 
your version of Ark.  Then type in '/join #arklinux' and you should be able to 
ask and get answers from people with Ark skills.

If that's not an option, there is a forum at 
http://forum.arklinux.org/index.php?action=pages;sa=3 - that should be a good 
place to get help, too.

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