Which Qt version required for KDE4.4?

Sagara Wijetunga sagara at tomahawk.com.sg
Tue Feb 2 06:25:08 GMT 2010

Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
> On 02/02/2010 05:35 AM, Sagara Wijetunga wrote:
>> Hi all
>> The kdebase-runtime-4.3.98/phonon/kcm/devicepreference.cpp requires
>> <phonon/globalconfig.h>  which is not available in Qt 4.6.0 installation
>> and there is no such file in Qt 4.6.1 package either.
>> So which version of the Qt required to compile KDE4.4 RC3?
>> Btw, I have not compile and install the Qt 4.6.1 due to its long
>> compilation time, does the Qt 4.6.1 generates a phonon/globalconfig.h at
>> compile time?
> I'm using Qt 4.6.1 without problems.
> KDE 4.4 required at least Qt 4.6.0. 4.6.1 is recommended (it fixes at 
> least one major bug with Plasma crashing on 4.6.0.)
> As for you problem, I think you need to disable Qt's Phonon altogether 
> when building it and use the KDE-version of Phonon 
> (http://phonon.kde.org.)  It should be a drop-in replacement for Qt's 
> Phonon but works with KDE. At least, that's how it seems to work here.
Hi Nikos

Thanks for the info. I'll try your method.


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