corrupted minute/hour hands on any analog clock

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Jerome Yuzyk posted on Thu, 30 Dec 2010 17:37:23 -0700 as excerpted:

> On Thursday, December 30, 2010 04:08:49 pm Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at>
> wrote:
>> Jerome Yuzyk posted on Thu, 30 Dec 2010 14:11:37 -0700 as excerpted:
>> > Kde 3.5.3 on Fedora 13
>> > 
>> > Can anyone explain why the minute/hour hands on any analog clock I
>> > try, no matter what theme, inevitably get corrupted. Mostly the hour
>> > hand, never the second hand. KSnapshot and KGrab are pretty much
>> > guaranteed to do it, but other things do too though I don't see a
>> > pattern. Sometimes from just browsing in Konqueror.
>> > 
>> > I solve it by toggling the clock theme in Workspace Appearance ->
>> > Desktop Theme -> Details.
>> kde 3.5.3 or 4.5.3?  Because the problem certainly happens in 4.5,
>> here.
>> AFAIK the problem is graphics accel related.  [I believe] related
>> to OpenGL based painting[.]
>> [H]ere, it only seems to happen when I first start kde and/or
>> restart plasma-desktop. Once fixed, it seems to stay fixed until
>> I restart plasma-desktop again, either by itself or restarting kde/X.
>> And my temporary fix is to [toggle] analog clock settings[, show
>> seconds or timezone, once to fix, again to get my pref back].
>> Since it's a graphics issue, the graphics hardware/drivers is apropos.
>> Here I'm running an ATI/AMD Radeon hd4650 [with] the native freedomware
>> kernel/mesa/X Radeon drivers.  Gentoo/~amd64, [near latest versions...] 
>> However, the problem has been around for awhile, since at least kde 4.4
>> and possibly the entire kde4 series, so it's not a recent regression.
> Sorry - not paying enough attention - 4.5.3.

I figured...

> My video card is a nVidia 8400GS; I use the nouveau driver.
> Along with the clock hands, various icons on the Task Manager get the
> same treatment - like they've been every-other-line sampled. Pretty much
> only KDE icons - never SeaMonkey or Firefox or VMWare, but almost always
> Kopete, KAlarm, Konqueror and KMail icons. Never Konsole though.

A bit more info.  I've seen nVidia hardware folks mention it before, I 
believe.  Here, the clock hands simply disappear, transparent to 
wallpaper, but the nVidia graphics folks seem to have it corrupt.

I haven't seen the icon issues you mention, but have seen others mention 
them, too.  There were certain known issues with the kde icon cache in 
early 4.5, fixed to some extent but not entirely in 4.5.3 I believe, but 
fixed more/better in 4.5.4.  As you mention that you're running 4.5.3, you 
might wish to upgrade to 4.5.4 (FWIW, 4.x.y releases, where only the y 
increases, are string-frozen bug-fix only, so shouldn't cause additional 
issues but do fix bugs)  and see if that fixes the icon issues, but I 
don't believe it'll fix the clock, as it didn't here, and I think the two 
are separate issues -- unless perhaps you're seeing a graphics bug in the 
icons too, in addition to the kde bug there was in the icon cache that 
4.5.4 was supposed to have fixed.  But that it's only happening to the kde 
icons is a big hint to me that it's that kde bug, so 4.5.4 should fix it, 
I think.

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