new annoying behaviour of taskbar

Andrew Mason slackmase2 at
Thu Dec 23 06:11:06 GMT 2010

> PS: Is there a better mailing list or forum for such questions and
>    complaints?

You're free to complain / question on this mailing list , however I
found that complaints rarely result in any action.

Usually the best results come from a combination of objective
questions and bug reports should the answers to the questions require
such reports.  For example, you could phrase it like this :

"Hey Guys and Girls,
I have noticed with 4.6 beta 2 that the task bar becomes visible as
soon as another window or application pops up or
shows activity. For example, when the PDF browser (Okular)
automatically redisplays a changed PDF file.
In previous releases this wasn't the behaviour. Is this the intended
behavior with 4.6 ? If so does anyone know the motivation for the

Now it gives people some scope to answer.


"Hi Werner,
Yes this is new behavior with 4.6. It was changed because xyz.."


"Hi Werner,
Good catch, no this is not the intended behavior. Please file a bug at if one does not already exist"


"Hi Werner,
No this isn't the intended behavior. However Joe Bloggs was working on
it a few days ago so there is no need to report the bug. "

Using emotive words like annoying and a complaint style email may
reflect your feelings but it also adds unnecessary information and
provides an emotive ( usually negative or defensive response) which in
turn reduces the chances that someone is going to spend their free
time dealing with the issue your having.

Kind regards
Andrew M
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