new annoying behaviour of taskbar

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Thu Dec 23 05:47:21 GMT 2010

I'm currently running version 4.5.85 (4.6 Beta2).

Besides the fact that I experience a worst-case scenario (clicking on
any icon on the desktop has no effect whatsoever) which hopefully gets
fixed with the next beta, the taskbar has the annoying feature that it
becomes visible as soon as another window or application pops up or
shows activity (for example, when the PDF browser automatically
redisplays a changed PDF file).  In previous releases this wasn't the

Another extremely annoying fact is that in case of this
activity-visibility, the taskbar is kind-of locked if I switch to
other virtual workspaces: It stays visible only in one workspace and
can't be activated in another one.  I have to switch back to the one
workspace where the taskbar is visible, then make it disappear by
hovering over it with the mouse, and then I can use it again in other

Where can I switch this off to get back to the old behaviour?  If I
want to switch to the window with the latest activity, I use
Ctrl-Alt-a instead.


PS: Is there a better mailing list or forum for such questions and
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