How can I force default monitor to show newly created windows?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sat Dec 4 14:19:02 GMT 2010

Sergej Pupykin posted on Sat, 04 Dec 2010 13:54:41 +0300 as excerpted:

> After start KDE opens new windows on TV until I manually drag it to LCD
> monitor. After that it starts open them on monitor.
> How can I force KDE to open windows on monitor immediately after start?

You left out a critical piece of information -- the version of kde you are 
using.  The distribution is also often useful information.  Additionally 
for this quiestion, you might have mentioned what versions of xorg, etc, 
you're using.

All that said, in general for kde4 from IIRC at least 4.3, if kde was 
built with xinerama support (we're talking the generic api here, as still 
used by many X-based apps including kde, not the xinerama protocol 
specifically, which is now generally deprecated in favor of randr), in 
kcontrol (wrongly aka system settings, wrongly, because at least as 
shipped by kde, it's mostly kde-specific and user-specific settings, with 
only a few settings being system-global, so the kde3 name kcontrol is far 
more accurate, AND more googlable), there's a kcm (kcontrol module, 
they're still called that in kde4 even if the UI is now inaccurately 
called system settings when it's NOT system settings, for the most part, 
but rather per-user kde settings) called, at least in kde 4.5, "Multiple 
Monitors".  In 4.5 this is located under hardware, but kcontrol's layout 
changed for 4.5 so it may be elsewhere for earlier versions.

This multiple monitors kcm contains various related options.  The ones 
specifically related to your question would be the "Enable multiple 
monitor virtual desktop support" checkbox (which toggles the availability 
of all the other options), "enable multiple monitor window placement 
support" checkbox, and the "show unmanaged windows on"... drop-down.

FWIW, I have all the checkboxes checked here, , and the drop-down set to 
"display containing the pointer", but it sounds like you may wish to set 
it to one display or the other (using the identify displays button to 
figure out which one), specifically.

One slightly strange bug I noted in earlier versions... not sure if it's 
still present or not.  Sometimes either kwin's or plasma's idea of the 
display numbers changes based on whether OpenGL accel is on (in xorg.conf 
or from the kernel command line, not just kde's desktop effects) or not.  
That's slightly strange and can present issues if you're debugging 
acceleration problems and thus switching from OpenGL accelerated xorg to 
unaccelerated and back, but shouldn't be an issue as long as your accel 
profile remains consistent.

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