How to save the desktop applets settings?

paulo paulo.jnkml at
Thu Sep 24 13:33:23 BST 2009


I tried two things,

1- ctrl+alt+back space: restarted X > logged in > everything normal.
This means that when I set the changes, it saves immediately, and not 
when the system (kde) shuts down.

2 - normal logoff > login > no good
Here I get the "factory settings".

So, I guess when KDE shuts down normally, it deletes or at least changes 
something in the configuration files.
What and why I still don't know. Any ideas?


On 09/22/2009 09:28 AM, Duncan wrote:
> paulo posted on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 12:58:41 +0000 as excerpted:
>> I tried to kill the app, and restart it. It actually works. That is it
>> saves the config, and the next time it starts, it uses the saved config.
>> The problem is that when I reboot the computer it will restart again
>> with the default config.
>> So, apparently I would have to kill the app every time... This doesn't
>> make sense (at least to me,) right?
> Well, you know the applet is saving its config, and reading it back in
> when it starts, now.  But what's happening to the config at reboot?
> FWIW...  You mention rebooting the computer.  OK, but KDE runs on X, and
> the computer can run just fine in CLI (command line interface, aka text
> mode) without X.  Shutting down KDE, or all of X, is therefore not the
> same as a reboot.  You can as easily simply shut X down and return to the
> CLI, then restart X, without rebooting the whole computer.
> Or, depending on whether you use a graphical login (XDM/KDM/GDM/etc) or
> login at the CLI and startx or similar to start KDE, you can simply
> return to the graphical login, thus shutting down your KDE login while
> still running X, and login again.
> Either way, you're restarting the KDE user session and thus the KDE
> desktop and apps, without rebooting.
> The question now is, does the app remember its settings when you do so,
> or does it forget them.  Put a different way, we know just restarting the
> app retains settings, and rebooting loses them, but we don't know yet
> whether restarting your kde user session retains your settings or loses
> them.
> What I'm thinking may be happening is that there's some sort of fsck or
> journal replay or something messing up the filesystem at the reboot.
> Just restarting X (if you start X from a CLI login) or logging out of
> your KDE session and back in (if you use a *DM graphical login), will
> restart kde without screwing with the filesystem mounts, etc, as a reboot
> would, thereby narrowing down the problem a bit further, regardless of
> which way it goes.
> So try that and post the results.  You got me interested in trying to
> trace this down, now!  Since we know the applet reads in its config
> correctly, if worse comes to worse, we can probably devise a hack to
> ensure it gets the correct config.  But tracing and fixing the issue is
> far better than hacking around it, so let's see how that goes, first.

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