How to save the desktop applets settings?

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Tue Sep 22 10:28:19 BST 2009

paulo posted on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 12:58:41 +0000 as excerpted:

> I tried to kill the app, and restart it. It actually works. That is it
> saves the config, and the next time it starts, it uses the saved config.
> The problem is that when I reboot the computer it will restart again
> with the default config.
> So, apparently I would have to kill the app every time... This doesn't
> make sense (at least to me,) right?

Well, you know the applet is saving its config, and reading it back in 
when it starts, now.  But what's happening to the config at reboot?

FWIW...  You mention rebooting the computer.  OK, but KDE runs on X, and 
the computer can run just fine in CLI (command line interface, aka text 
mode) without X.  Shutting down KDE, or all of X, is therefore not the 
same as a reboot.  You can as easily simply shut X down and return to the 
CLI, then restart X, without rebooting the whole computer.

Or, depending on whether you use a graphical login (XDM/KDM/GDM/etc) or 
login at the CLI and startx or similar to start KDE, you can simply 
return to the graphical login, thus shutting down your KDE login while 
still running X, and login again.

Either way, you're restarting the KDE user session and thus the KDE 
desktop and apps, without rebooting.

The question now is, does the app remember its settings when you do so, 
or does it forget them.  Put a different way, we know just restarting the 
app retains settings, and rebooting loses them, but we don't know yet 
whether restarting your kde user session retains your settings or loses 

What I'm thinking may be happening is that there's some sort of fsck or 
journal replay or something messing up the filesystem at the reboot.  
Just restarting X (if you start X from a CLI login) or logging out of 
your KDE session and back in (if you use a *DM graphical login), will 
restart kde without screwing with the filesystem mounts, etc, as a reboot 
would, thereby narrowing down the problem a bit further, regardless of 
which way it goes.

So try that and post the results.  You got me interested in trying to 
trace this down, now!  Since we know the applet reads in its config 
correctly, if worse comes to worse, we can probably devise a hack to 
ensure it gets the correct config.  But tracing and fixing the issue is 
far better than hacking around it, so let's see how that goes, first.

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