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On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 9:48 PM, Anne Wilson <cannewilson at> wrote:

> One of the things that people keep asking for is a replacement for gkrellm.
> I've just seen Automatik http://www.kde-
> and it looks
> promising.  However, after downloading the .tgz and unpacking it, I haven't a
> clue what to do now.
> Can someone first help me to do this?  I'll then do a write-up for userbase
> about that.

Not sure abuot plasmoids/widgets for KDE 4  (KDE 4.3.1 in openSUSE
11.1 - since I use the panels mostly for shortcuts to Text Editor,
Konsole, Dolphin, etc),  but if you want a display of system info that
is also highly configurable, 'Conky' is a lightweight system info
utility with lots of options:


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