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Mon Sep 14 21:43:27 BST 2009

Anne Wilson said the following at 09/14/2009 12:17 PM :

> tried both, with no noticeable effect.  This is a karamba theme - and I've 

Support for karamba themes seem to be completely broken, at least in KDE 4.2.

They worked fine in KDE 4.0 and 4.1. I have no idea about whether the
regression was fixed for 4.3, but given the lack of response to the bug
report, I would be surprised if it were.

What makes this worse is that there doesn't seem to be any "How to fix your
karamba theme so that it works in KDE 4.2" document. I have I theme that I
wrote a couple of years ago and which I really like; it was a nasty shock
when I disopcovered that it was suddenly non-functional after upgrading to
4.2, especially since I can't find out what to change to make it work
properly in that environment.

The short version of this post is therefore something like: personally, I
wouldn't bother even trying to get it installed properly, because it's not
likely to work anyway, at least in 4.2.



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