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Wed Sep 9 17:17:22 BST 2009

Rick Miles posted on Wed, 09 Sep 2009 20:29:34 +1000 as excerpted:

> I might just go back to making up my own desktop files and dragging them
> onto the desktop instead of using folderview. It works well enough and I
> don't need much because I'm a big fan of Alt F2 when I don't have
> konsole open but there's some urls and other things I like to having
> icons for.

You might be interested in the Quick Access plasmoid from  
It's a better version of folderview, allowing you to browse from a fly-
out menu, then open files or folders somewhere down the tree.

I've been using similar functionality for years, every since the IE4 
Active Desktop update for MSWindows 95 (I didn't switch to Linux/KDE 
until I upgraded to Linux instead of eXPrivacy, due to the anti-privacy 
and activation anti-features that triggered the nickname).

What I did with kde3 is create a directory with symlinks to the various 
important filesystem locations, and in turn, put a symlink to that on my 
desktop (and made it my konqueror filemanager profile home as well, 
instead of my homedir, tho the homedir was one of the symlinks).

With kde4 and Quick Access, I simply point Quick Access at that dir 

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