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Rick Miles frmrick at
Wed Sep 9 11:29:34 BST 2009

On Wednesday 09 September 2009 19:42:23 Duncan wrote:
> Rick Miles posted on Wed, 09 Sep 2009 14:10:09 +1000 as excerpted:
> > On kde-4.2.4 I note that when I position all icons so that there is no
> > up/down scroll bar and lock them in place, that after a couple of log
> > ins the icons creep upwards and the scroll bar returns. Is this normal?
> You stated the issue well enough, but you neglected to mention the 
> location of the icons you're talking about.  Are you talking about a 
> folderview plasmoid on the normal desktop view, or the folderview desktop 
> view (was that in 4.2 or was it added for 4.3?), or on the panel, or in 
> an application other that plasma?
I"m not up on all this new nomenclature nor do I have the time to learn it just to use this box.: Right click > Appearance  Settings > Type > select Folderview and you get ~/Desktop totally transparent across the whole screen less whatever 
space the panel is occupying.

and I think bugs notwitstanding the problem is that I put my panel on the top edge and the little ole kde gremlins keep on wanting to shove those icons on up to the top of the folderview panel. This occured to me since I just upgraded my 
daughter's box to slack-13.0 and her preference ATM is having the panel at the bottom of the screen. Configured that way there isn't a problem.
> Never-the-less, I know there's still bugs in that regard in plasma, up 
> thru current 4.3.1.  The one I'm aware of is that while panels can be set 
> very small (short on the horizontal ones, narrow on the vertical ones), 
> they tend to return toward their defaults, getting a bit bigger each time 
> something changes (a login, switching desktop resolutions, anything that 
> forces plasma to recalculate sizes).  That one I happened across on 
> bugzilla before I noticed it here, but it's certainly frustrating.
> According to that bug, plasma fails to account for the size of a bit of 
> the trim, or some such, reading it one way and writing it the other, so 
> that each time it rereads, the panel grows a bit.
> It's reasonably likely that there are other similar sizing and location 
> related bugs, one of which it sounds like you have.
> FWIW, 4.2.4 was barely getting usable enough for me to switch from kde3 
> (and that's after I spent huge amounts of time customizing it and working 
> around issues still there, while in the process of switching from kde3), 
> but each new version continues to fix vast amounts of bugs still there in 
> kde4.  4.3 was definitely a measurable improvement over 4.2.4, with the 
> incremental 4.3.1 fixing at least one bug that was very bad for users 
> (including me) with older graphics cards that are already struggling with 
> graphics in 4.x, so it was a sizable improvement here as well.
I'd been tracking improvements to kde4 and also coming up with workarounds (and getting some advice here) as there were several increments of kde4 in slack current over the last 6 or so months but  was  hoping by now that it would be 
workable enough for my daughter when I ipgraded her machine. We shall see. She's had a linux desktop for 6 years now and knew her way around kde3 blindfolded having grown up with it.
> What I'm saying is that even if you're on a distribution that normally 
> doesn't provide updates to "stable" packages within a single distribution 
> release, I'd strongly recommend upgrading kde shortly after it comes out 
> upstream.  (Wait a week and check the forums if you are a cautious type, 
> to see if anyone's howling about something breaking.)  Really, at least 
> for now, every kde release is a serious bugfix release, and upgrading is 
> likely to be worth it.  At least consider the major 4.x updates (starting 
> from 4.x.1 if you're the cautious type), as knowing how much better 4.3 
> is relative to 4.2, it pains me to see folks still struggling with 4.2 
> issues, some of which I know are fixed in 4.3.  As I said 4.3 does have 
> an issue similar to what you're describing, but given the rate of 
> improvement and the fact that I don't know otherwise, it really is 
> possible the bug you're describing is fixed in 4.3.0 or 4.3.1.
There were allot of slackers hoping the 4.3 would make it into slack before the first rc but that was not the case. It will probably show up soon enough in current but It takes time to keep upgrading and I've got other things to do. I might just 
go back to making up my own desktop files and dragging them onto the desktop instead of using folderview. It works well enough and I don't need much because I'm a big fan of Alt F2 when I don't have konsole open but there's some urls and 
other things I like to having icons for.

Thanks for the reply


Rick Miles

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